Free KIDS YOGA Montessori Cards


Free KIDS YOGA Montessori Cards




Kids Yoga Montessori Cards, Kids Yoga Flash Cards, Editable Montessori Card, Editable Template, Kids Yoga Nomenclature Cards

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What’s more interesting than spending time with your children through fun-loving learning? Kids Yoga Montessori Cards are a great way to increase the communication skills of your children. It opens the opportunity to develop their own skills without being dependent on anyone.

✷ What you will receive ✷

★ Emotion Cards
★ Editable PDF Template

✷ Kids Yoga Card Name Areas ✷

1.Boat Pose
2.Bow Pose
3.Camel Pose
4.Cat Pose
5.Chair Pose
6.Child Pose
7.Cobra Pose
8.Corp Pose
9.Cow Pose
10.Downward Facing Dog Pose
11.Extended side angle pose
12.Four limbed staff pose
13.Lotus Pose
14.Lunge pose
15.Plank Pose
16.Plow Pose
17.Prayer pose
18.Raised Hand
19.Shoulder stand pose
20.Standing Forward Bend pose
21.Tree pose
22.warrior 1 pose
23.warrior 2 pose
24.warrior 3 pose

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There are 3 parts of the Montessori card

★ Main Card
★ Picture Card
★ Label Card

You can print, cut, and use.

If you want to make your own flashcards you can open a PDF file with Adobe Reader it is free of cost and upload all desired pics, save and print then cut to use.

If still, you need any support, please contact me.

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