Steven Yeun, Star of The Walking Dead, Has a Top Secret MCU Role Unveiled.

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Steven Yeun, Star of The Walking Dead, Has a Top Secret MCU Role Unveiled.

Going into the MCU as Sentry. The Walking Dead’s famous star Steven Yeun.

Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead, revealed Yeun’s role in an interview with comic book artist David Finch. He disclosed, “My good friend Steven Yeun is starring as the Sentry in a film.”

The Sentry (real name Robert Reynolds) debuted in comic books in 2000 with The Sentry #1. After just five issues, the Marvel Knights miniseries ended, and Sentry joined forces with characters including the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and the Hulk in a series of flashback one-shots.

He made a comeback in 2005 as part of the New Avengers and has since been seen in The Mighty Avengers and the Dark Avengers.

Steven Yeun Star of The Walking DeadAlthough he doesn’t initially appear to be a superhero, middle-aged and overweight Reynolds eventually remembers that he was once the Sentry, a superhero with the ability to “a million suns.” In order to repel the Void, his archenemy, he must enlist the aid of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Reynolds eventually comes to the realization that he and Zero are actually two sides of the same person, and in order to keep his two halves united, he first wipes Sentry’s memories from the entire world—including his own—Spider-Man: No Way Home. had taken out. Always be unique.

The Thunderbolts: Marvel’s twisted super-team with a tumultuous history

It’s unclear how accurate the big-screen version will be, but it sounds like Yeun will have a costume. Kirkman said, “Yeah, he called me, he went in for a costume fitting.” “Hopefully, I’m not… This isn’t a spoiler, in my opinion, or anything that will cause trouble for anyone. I might be wrong. Let’s see. I’m not bothered. I’m not employed by Marvel. What harm will they inflict upon me?

Yun’s costume will be based on the Sentry’s classic colors, which Kirkman said will be similar to the costume worn by his other superhero roles and Invincible.

Yes, he told me over the phone that he had just returned from fitting costumes for the Sentry. I suppose I just draw yellow and blue superheroes. He claimed to have thought, “Aww, crap,” when he was at the costume fitting. I didn’t realize Invincible was blue and yellow.”

Though Yeun’s MCU debut is scheduled for the Thunderbolts, it’s unclear how the Sentry will fit in.