SHOCKING Age Gap Revealed in Stephen Colletti’s Engagement! You Won’t Believe Alex Weaver’s Age!

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SHOCKING Age Gap Revealed in Stephen Colletti’s Engagement! You Won’t Believe Alex Weaver’s Age!

Stephen Colletti is now engaged to his girlfriend Alex Weaver.

“Yes! Forever,” Weaver, 27, on Wednesday wrote via Instagram, on November 15, alongside many photos from Colletti’s proposal in Rome.

Weaver, 37, and Colletti sitting like magnets, can be seen sitting on a wall overlooking the city behind them.

In the second photo, Weaver is posing with a close-up of her beautiful engagement ring, with One Tree Hill in the background, and she’s smiling.

Following the beautiful couple’s big news, tons of Colletti’s former One Tree Hill co-stars took to the comments to share their well-wishes for the happy couple.

“AHHHHH !!!! Congrats!!!!!!!! John Kramer gushed, “So happy for you both,” and James Lafferty replied: “Yeah, congratulations!!!.” 

Kate Voegele, Alexandra Park, Jamie Chung, Byron Greenberg, and Bevin Prince expressed similar sentiments for both.

“Ahhhh congratulations to you guys!!! So happy for you!!,” Voegele, 36, wrote as Prince, “I’m so happy for you both!!!! .” Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush expressed their love by liking the Instagram post. 

Weaver and Colletti began dating last year and confirmed their romance in August 2022.

“The magical hours are a little more magical this year. weave” Colletti wrote via Instagram at the time, along with a sweet photo of the NASCAR reporter and himself hugging while sailing.

Before making things official, Weaver joins her high school sweetheart and her longtime friend Kristin Cavallari to discuss their relationship on their Laguna Beach Rewatch podcast. The pair’s romance was a hot topic in the 2000s MTV reality series starring Lauren Conrad, Jason Wahler, and Lo Bosworth.

Image Credit: @al_weave

During their widely publicized reunion in August 2020, Cavallari, 36, disclosed that the ex-couples had a kiss on a July 2022 episode of “Back to the Beach with Kristin and Stephen.” (Cavallari divorced Jay Cutler in April 2020. The two of them have three children together: Saylor, 7, and the boys Camden, 10, and Jaxon, 9.)

uploaded a picture of us together. And out of all the photos I’ve ever uploaded to Instagram, that one received the most likes. You could really outcompete all of my kids, Cavallari remarked to Colletti. “You could surpass any significant event in my life.” That actually seems really sweet to me because it demonstrates how interested the audience was in Laguna Beach. And it seems really sweet to me.

Her phone was malfunctioning for several days because of the picture. Colletti told this from her side.

“Everyone was coming out of the woodwork to ask me – there were people asking me how I was doing, people sending me messages to check-in. And eventually, they did it in a casual way. Tried to be like, ‘So, are you dating someone?'” he recalled saying. “And it became very clear. I was surprised by how many people thought I was so stupid…