30+ Custom Guess Who Printable Templates : Make your own Guess Who Game Templates

30+ Custom Guess Who Printable Templates: Make your own Guess Who Game Templates

Guess Who game is a board game that is played with at least two people. It is very simple: the players need to guess the name of the character hidden behind the board or paper. To keep the game running, you have to answer the question asked by your rival.

It is good to experience a fun, and easy way to educate your children, toddlers, or any students.  It is also a unique gift that you can present to your loved ones, especially kids.


1. Disney Characters Guess Who Template:

Walt Disney created a cartoon character called Micky mouse. And the Mickey mouse is one of the world's most recognizable imaginary characters. Here is a little fun quiz game based on Disney. You have to ask Ask the right questions and solve the mystery person by eliminating the wrong faces. It is an interactive game for kids.

It is an exciting game involving Disney characters, this game is for kids above six years old. From Aladdin to Winnie now with more choices than ever.

This template includes below characters' names:

• Aladdin

• Ariel

• Beast

• Belle

• Cinderella

• Daisy Duck

• Donald Duck

• Dumbo

• Eeyore

• Elsa

• Genie

• Goofy

• Jasmine

• Jasmine

• Mickey Mouse

• Minnie Mouse

• Olaf

• Peter Pan

• Pluto

• Princess Sofia

• Rapunzel

• Scrooge McDuck

• Snow White

• Tinker Bell

• Winnie



2. Guess Who Template Editable:

The board holds the Hollywood character we’ll be guessing and cards of mystery characters that are erratically picked. It is an exciting game, especially for those who love Hollywood.

Guess Who Template Editable


The template includes the following character name:

1. Alexandra Daddario

2. Jennifer Aniston

3. Ross Geller

4. Shay Mitchell

5. Matt Leblanc

6. Olivia Newton

7. Zac Efron

8. Daniel Dimaggio

9. Elizabeth Vargas

10. Scarlett Johansson

11. Robert Pattinson

12. Sarah Michelle Gellar

13. Emma Watson

14. Jessica Chastain

15. Chris Hemsworth

16. Gregg Sulkin

17. Kristen Stewart

18. Margot Robbie

19. Hugh Jackman

20. Daniel Henny

21. Angelina Jolie

22. Hailee Steinfeld

23. Maggie Gyllenhal

24. Taylor Lautner



3. FARM ANIMAL Guess Who template:

This farm animal guess who template is digitally designed for students to develop their ability to infer. And the students can use it in the classroom or at home. These templates can be used by individual students, in small groups, with a partner, or as a whole class.

Usually, Students love to play with clues to guess the mystery of animals. As students become better and better at this activity. The game includes 24 pictures that help students to guess an animal's name.

• bee

• billy goat

• bull

• cat

• chick

• cow

• dog

• donkey

• duck

• goat

• goose

• hen

• horse

• mouse

• pig

• pigeon

• sheep

• snail

• rabbit

• rooster

• swan

• turkey

• fly

• spider



4. Guess Who, Guess Who Template:

This template is designed to make your own personalized guess who game cards. It is one of the trending practices now. it is a great thought that you choose the characters who are known for your friend and family. 

Guess Who, Guess Who Template


Change the dynamics of the game by replacing all of the original face cards with your creation. You can also design questions. And you get  4 Sizes of custom Editable Templates in PDF with this game card.



5. parks and recreation guess who game card:

Park and recreation are one of the classic Guess Who games. In this game, the player's objective is to guess the mystery person on your opponent’s card by asking one question in “yes” or “no”.  

It can be the perfect game for your family and friends at night. The Parks And Recreation Guess Who Game Card comes with the following Character Name:

1. Leslie

2. Ron

3. Ann

4. Ben

5. Tom

6. April

7. Andy

8. Chris

9. Joan

10. Jerry

11. Shauna

12. Donna

13. Bobby

14. Mark

15. Tammy

16. Jean-Ralphio

17. Mona-Lisa

18. Jeremy

19. Jennifer

20. Barney

21. Douglass

22. Carl

23. Marlene

24. Dr. Saperstein



6. Pokémon Guess Who Template Printable:

Pockman guess who template is a great tool to educate kids with fun. This is an easy and fast way that is adaptable. You can make your own Guess Who Game Board Card and Character Card.

The Pokemon Guess Who Game Card comes with the following Character Name:

1. Pikachu

2. Charmander

3. Bulbasaur

4. Blastoise

5. Gyarados

6. Jigglypuff

7. Psyduck

8. Ninetales

9. Togepi

10. Snorlax

11. Drowzee

12. Magmar

13. Onix

14. Meowto

15. Gengar

16. Zapdos

17. Koffing

18. Meowth

19. Arbok

20. Lapras

21. Lugia

22. Arcanine

23. Eevee

24. Nidoqueen



7. Guess Who Templates Megha Bundle 

Guess Who is a classic game activity that greatly increases student engagement and rigor. Mainly it is used for any grade level, subject, or skill that you can do yourself with the help of this template. And it's perfect for literacy centers, beginner finishers, math centers, or exam preparation!


Guess Who Templates Megha bundle


When you take this bundle of templates you will get the 25

 templates which are all very useful.



8. Disney Princess Guess Who Board Game Template:

The Disney princess Guess Who? A board game is a popular game board that many people love to play. The game is great for teaching deductive reasoning skills. And also provides entertainment for kids as well as adults. And every great board game for kids offers the chance to learn. 

A board game where you try to guess which princess character your opponent has. This is a game to guess the name of a hidden character you know and love.

You get these templates with the following options.

1. Alexandra

2. Alice

3. Anna

4. Ariel

5. Aurora

6. Belle

7. Cinderella

8. Elsa

9. Esmeralda

10. Fa Mulan

11. Iris

12. Jane

13. Jasmine

14. Kida

15. Megara

16. Merida

17. Moana

18. Pocahontas

19. Rapunzel

20. Snow White

21. Tiana

22. Tinker Bell

23. Vanellope von Schweetz

24. Wendy Darling



9. Celebrity Guess Who Template Printable

The celebrity Guess Who template is a fun classic kid's game that is played with famous celebrity characters. This guess who the game card includes your favorite tv characters, and celebrity characters personal photos.

The celebrity guess who game has 24 characters To play. You can utilize any one of the images that you want.  And you can also make your own custom templates with the character photo of any fictional characters, family members, classmates, friends, cartoons, etc. 

The templates include the following characters:

1. Alexandra Daddario

2. Jennifer Aniston

3. Ross Geller

4. Shay Mitchell

5. Matt Leblanc

6. Olivia Newton

7. Zac Efron

8. Daniel Dimaggio

9. Elizabeth Vargas

10. Scarlett Johansson

11. Robert Pattinson

12. Sarah Michelle G

13. Emma Watson

14. Jessica Chastain

15. Chris Hemsworth

16. Gregg Sulkin

17. Kristen Stewart

18. Margot Robbie

19. Hugh Jackman

20. Daniel Henny

21. Angelina Jolie

22. Hailee Steinfeld

23. Maggie Gyllenhal

24. Taylor Lautner



10. Serial Killer Guess Who Template:

The serial killer guess who game is a good tool for those who love horror. It has the potential to provide a unique experience with fun and stimulating activity. This Guess Who Game helps children to improve their vocabulary skills to describe the appearance of characters to win the game. And the game encourages children to get creative with their questions.

You can add more fun themes and lessons by developing your own board game with this  Editable Template. 

This templates the following characters: 

1. Arthur Mitchell

2. Buffalo Bill

3. Charles Lee Ray

4. Daniel Robitaille

5. Derek Mears

6. Dexter Morgan

7. Dr. Henry Jekyll

8. Francis Dolarhyde

9. Freddy Krueger

10. Hannah McKay

11. Hannibal Lecter

12. Harry Powell

13. Hester Ulrich

14. Jean Baptiste Grenouille

15. John Doe

16. John Kramer

17. Mark Hoffman

18. Michael Myers

19. Norman Bates

20. Patrick Bateman

21. Phantasm

22. Red John

23. Sylar

24. Thomas Hewitt Jones



11. Disney Cars Guess Who Template Printable

The Disney cars guess who templates are easy to set up and fun family activities. This is an excellent way to enhance their creativity and it is a simple game that can be played anywhere.

These new CARS  activity sheets are perfect for kids as well as adults. You get the following Character Card with this template.

• Brent Mustangburger

• Chick Hicks

• Cruz Ramirez

• Darrell Cartrip

• Doc Hudson

• Dusty Rust-eze

• Fillmore

• Finn McMissile

• Flo

• Guido

• Jackson Storm

• Lightning McQueen

• Luigi

• Mack

• Natalie Certain

• Ramone

• Rusty Rust-eze

• Sally Carrera

• Sarge

• Sheriff

• Sterling

• Tex Dinoco

• The King

• Tow Mater



12. Vampire Diaries Guess Who Board Game Template:

The Vampire Diaries guess who is a board game based on the Warner Brothers television show of the same name. Players take on the role of one of the characters from the show. 

The cardboard is customizable. You can develop your Own Vampire Diaries Guess Who Game Character Card. 

This template includes the following character names:

1. Alaric Saltzman

2. Alexia Lexi Branson

3. Anna Zhu

4. Bonnie Bennett

5. Caroline Fobes

6. Damon Salvatore

7. Elena Gilbert

8. Elijah Mikaelson

9. Enzo St John

10. Hayley Marshall

11. Jenna Sommers

12. Jeremy Gilbert

13. Josette Laughlin

14. Kai Parker

15. Katherine Pierce

16. Kol Mikaelson

17. Matt Donovan

18. Niklaus Mikaelson

19. Rebekah Mikaelson

20. Sheriff Forbes

21. Stefan Salvatore

22. Sybil

23. Tyler Lockwood

24. Vicki Donovan



13. New Girl Guess Who:

This game starts with the question Is Jess a boy or girl? The objective of the new girl guessing who the game is to be the first player to correctly guess your opponent's identity before they guess yours. 

And you can’t ask subjective questions like “do you look simple?” The Guess Who is a two-player character game that involves guessing.

The templates include the following characters:

1. Jess

2. Nick

3. Schmidt

4. Winston

5. Coach

6. Cece

7. Ruth

8. Ferguson

9. Aly

10. Robby

11. Reagan

12. Paul

13. Sadie

14. Sam

15. Elizabeth

16. Russell

17. Shivrang

18. Caroline

19. Ryan

20. Nadia

21. Bob

22. Tran

23. Shelby

24. Outside Dave



14. Safari Animal Guess Who Template Printable:

The safari animal guess who template is a great way to learn about animals and give your kids a visual of what the animal looks like. Children will need to look closely at the animals on the cardboard to identify them.

Each cardboard has a photo of the animal. You can customize the template. And it is also a fun way to review facts that your children learn about animals.

The templates include below Safari Animal Guess Who Game Card Character Name:

• aardvark

• antelope

• baboon

• bison

• buffalo

• cheetah

• crocodile

• elephant

• fish eagle

• giraffe

• gorilla

• hippopotamus

• leopard

• lion

• marabou stork

• meerkat

• monkey

• ostrich

• rhinoceros

• tiger

• vulture

• zebra

• jackal

• kingfisher



15. Ocean Insects Birds Guess Who:

The ocean insects birds guess who game is commonly used in most speech therapy settings. And These Mystery ocean insects' birds game cardboard is designed to help students practice /R/ sounds while playing their popular game. This game can be played individually or in a small group of kids.

This wonderful set of ocean insects birds insects is good for teaching and enlarging vocabulary. They are also perfect to train various grammar patterns.

The set contains the following character name:

1. Albatross

2. Anhinga

3. Black Legged Kittiwake

4. Blue Footed Body

5. Common Murre

6. Cormorant

7. Frigate bird

8. Fulmar

9. Gannet

10. Gulls

11. Little Auk

12. Mergini

13. Northern Cardinal

14. Penguin

15. Pelican

16. Pétrel

17. Pigeon Guillemot

18. Puffin

19. Razorbill

20. Rynchopidae

21. Shear water

22. Skuas

23. Tern

24. Tropicbirds



16. VEHICLES Guess Who Template Printable:

Vehicle guess games are a great way for distance learning. It can turn study time into playtime with cardboard board games. It is a different activity that can challenge students of all levels. 

Sometimes it can be a little difficult for preschoolers, in this case you can modify it as per your needs.

And the vehicle guess game includes these names:

• air balloon

• airplane

• ambulance

• American truck

• auto-rickshaw

• bike

• biplane

• bulldozer

• cement mixer

• city bus

• container ship

• cruise ship

• fire truck

• garbage truck

• gondola

• helicopter

• jet ski

• London bus

• school bus

• snowmobile

• taxi

• tractor agricultural

• tram

• formula 1



17. Grey's Anatomy Guess Who Printable Template

Grey's Anatomy is a  prime-time American television medical drama. And this drama earned good fame and numerous Emmy Award nominations. In  this set of grey’s anatomy guess who game you can choose your favorite Grey's Anatomy characters in a custom name. It is another nice game for all students with fun and entertainment. 

This will include – Custom Grey's Anatomy Guess Who character cards (24):

1. Addison Montgomery

2. Alex Karev

3. Amelia Shepherd

4. Andrew Deluca

5. April Kepner

6. Arizona Robbins

7. Callie Torres

8. Cristina Yang

9. Denny Duquette

10. Derek Shepherd

11. George O Malley

12. Izzie Stevens

13. Jackson Avery

14. Jo Wilson

15. Lexie Grey

16. Maggie Pierce

17. Mark Sloan

18. Meredith Grey

19. Miranda Bailey

20. Nathan Riggs

21. Owen Hunt

22. Preston Burke

23. Richard Webber

24. Teddy Altman



18. BREEDS OF DOG Guess Who Template Printable

This template is designed for dog lovers to study with fun. And the breeds of dogs guess who game is the best for you If you love the dog. The activity of the guess who game with these puppy pictures will make you fall in love.


It provides a Specialization in educational games with  Dog Themes. And the templates And the templates include the following breed name of dogs.


• Akita

• basset hound

• beagle

• boxer

• chihuahua

• dachshund

• dalmatian

• Doberman

• golden retriever

• great Dane

• jack Russell terrier

• labrador

• mittelschnauzer• pitbull

• pomeranian

• poodle

• pug

• riesenschnauzer

• rottweiler

• saint bernard

• setter

• shepherd

• Shih Tzu

• Siberian husky



19. BTS Guess Who Template:

The BTS guess who game is designed for BTS lovers that can help to educate with fun and entertainment. BTS, which is known as the Bangtan Boys, is a South Korean pop boy band under Big Hit Entertainment. BTS Now has changed its name from Bulletproof Boyscoucts to Beyond the Scene. There are seven and you have to guess the name 

This template includes the following BTS Characters Guess Who Game Card Character Name:

  1. Kim Tae-hyung
  2. Park Jimin
  3. Kim Seok-jin
  4. Min Yoon-gi
  5. Kim Nam-Joon
  6. Jung Ho-Seok
  7. Jeon Jung-kook



20. The Office Guess Who Template:

The office guess who templates are designed for those Who've Watched "The Office" show. To memorize their fun and entertainment. It is one of the most exciting games. “The Office” is an American mockumentary sitcom television series that describes the everyday lives of office employees in a particular Company.

And you got all the character names of the show “the office” here.

• Andy Bernard

• Angela Martin

• Creed Bratton

• Darryl Philbin

• Dwight Schrute

• Erin Hannon

• Gabe Lewis

• Jan Levinson

• Jim Halpert

• Karen Filippelli

• Kelly Kapoor

• Kevin Malone

• Nellie Bertram

• Oscar Martinez

• Pam Beesly

• Pete Miller

• Phyllis Vance

• Robert California

• Roy Anderson

• Ryan Howard

• Stanley Hudson

• Toby Flenderson

• Meredith Palmer

• Michael Scott



21. Teen Wolf Guess Who Template:

The teen wolf guess who template is designed for those people who love to see the show “Teen Wolf” or are familiar. It is a teen supernatural show. It unlocks to Browse the guess who questions from the TV series as the name of the character.

This show was loved by the viewers and the character became famous. They still love to binge-watch this show. The teen wolf guess who template comes with the following templates.

1. Aiden

2. Allison Argent

3. Brett Talbot

4. Chris Argent

5. Cora Hale

6. Derek Hale

7. Deucation

8. Erica Reyes

9. Ethan

10. Hayden Romero

11. Isaac Lahey

12. Jackson Whittemore

13. Jordan Parrish

14. Kate Argent

15. Kira Yukimura

16. Liam Dunbar

17. Lydia Martin

18. Malia Tate

19. Mason Hewitt

20. Nolan Holloway

21. Peter Hale

22. Scott Mccall

23. Stiles Stilinski

24. Theo Raeken



22. Action Verbs Guess Who Template Printable:

Action verbs guess template makes learning fun. Action words are verbs that describe actions and express something that is being done. These are examples of action verbs like run, jump, kick, beat, break, cry, smile, or think.

Action Verbs Guess Who Template Printable


This template helps kids to learn and recognize verbs in a very simple form. Here is the list of words that you get with the template.

• answer

• ask

• brush

• cook

• cry

• eat

• go to bed

• hold

• laugh

• lie

• listen

• Worry

• play

• poop

• read

• run

• sing

• sleep

• throw

• wake up

• wash

• wear

• win

• work



23. Below Deck Guess Who:

Below deck guess who game is based on an American reality television series on Bravo.  This reality series profiles a group of young people who work and live luxurious lives abroad. The game is designed for people who are familiar with the show. 

However, it can be played in groups. And you can customize it as per your interest. It is a nice way to play with family, friends and loved ones.

1. Kate Chastain

2. Captain Lee Rosbach

3. Ashton Pienaar

4. Francesca Rubi

5. Kat Held

6. Rhylee Gerber

7. Nico Scholly

8. Ben Robinson

9. Adrian Martin

10. Eddie Lucas

11. Amy Johnson

12. Kelley Johnson

13. Hannah Ferrier

14. Captain Sandy Yawn

15. Malia White

16. Aesha Scott

17. Bugsy Drake

18. Adam Glick

19. Joao Franco

20. Colin Macy-O'Toole

21. Bobby Giancola

22. Kevin Dobson

23. Rocky Dakota

24. Ross Inia



24. Friends Guess Who Game Card:

Friends guess who game is the ultimate game for a night with friends.

The custom friend guess who game cardboard game has two sets of hand-made face cards with your favorite Friends characters, which include the core cast—Ben Galler, Carol Willick, Chandler, and Emily.

It is one of our favorite ways to pass the time on holiday with family and friends. The friend Guess Who? The game has been a longtime favorite cardboard game for players of all ages. You can customize it as required. However, the template comes with the following character.



























25. Criminal Minds Guess Who Editable Template:

Criminal minds guess who game is designed to renew the memory of an American crime drama series on the CBS network. It was one of the most-watched series that used to analyze the nation's most dangerous criminal minds and strike their next moves before action. 

This game is for each age group. It is a good tool to pass time with thrilling memories. And the templates include the below character. 

1. Aaron Hotchner

2. Daniel Henney

3. David Rossi

4. Alex Blake

5. Carla Hines

6. Derek Morgan

7. Elle Greenaway

8. Diana Reid

9. Emily Prentiss

10. Grace Lynch

11. Haley Hotchner

12. Jennifer Jareau

13. Jason Gideon

14. Jordan Todd

15. Kate Callahan

16. Luke Alvez

17. Natalie Colfax

18. Mick Rawson

19. Penelope Garcia

20. Sam Cooper

21. Spencer Reid

22. Stephen Walker

23. Tara Lewis

24. Wallace Hines



26. Bachelor Guess Who Template Printable:

The guess who templates is based on an American dating and relationship reality television series called “Bachelor”. It is a nice tool to play a game with your partner if you love this series “Bachelor’.

You may love some characters from the series. It will refresh you with love and entertainment. And the template comes with the following character.

1. Chris Soules

2. Jojo Fletcher

3. Becca Kufrin

4. Kaitlyn Bristowe

5. Andi Dorfman

6. Sean Lowe

7. Peter Weber

8. Bekah Martinez

9. Rachel Lindsay

10. Hannah Godwin

11. Dean Unglert

12. Tayshia Adams

13. Demi Burnett

14. John Paul Jones

15. Blake Horstmann

16. Colton Underwood

17. Nick Viall

18. Hannah Brown

19. Tyler Cameron

20. Cassie Randolph

21. Becca Tilley

22. Brad Womack

23. Arie Luyendyk Jr.

24. Jason Mesnick



27. Avatar Guess Who Board Game Template:

The avatar guess who game cardboard is based on an American animated television series. It is popular across the globe for its casting, and story action. It is designed for kids to develop their recognizing skills.

This template includes the following characters of avatars who are famous and helpful to educate your children.

1. André Sogliuzzo

2. Bryan Konietzko

3. Clancy Brown

4. Crawford Wilson

5. Cricket Leigh

6. Dante Basco

7. Dee Bradley Baker

8. Greg Baldwin

9. Grey DeLisle

10. Jack De Sena

11. Jennie Kwan

12. Jessie Flower

13. Jim Meskimen

14. Johanna Braddy

15. Kevin Michael Richardson

16. Mae Whitman

17. Mako Iwamatsu

18. Mark Hamill

19. Olivia Hack

20. Richard McGonagle

21. Sab Shimono

22. Scott Menville

23. Takayo Fischer

24. Zach Tyler Eisen



28. Yoga Poses Guess Who Template Printable:

This Yoga poses guess who game cardboard is designed for kids. It provides an easy way to practice and recognize yoga poses for a beginner or a child. And it makes the yoga experience relevant and meaningful for everyone .

Yoga Poses Guess Who Template Printable

You can use this template at home, classroom, or studio even when you are on tour. Yoga poses guess cards also help to be healthy. Here are the poses characters.

• big toe

• boat

• bow

• bridge

• cat

• chair

• cow

• crow

• dolphin

• downward-facing dog

• Halfmoon

• handstand

• locust

• lord of the dance

• planc

• plough

• seated forward bend

• standing forward bend

• three-legged dog

• tree

• upward facing dog

• upward plank

• warrior I

• warrior II



29. THE SMURFS Guess Who Template Printable:

The SMURFS guess template based on “SMURFS”.  The SMURFS is a comic show on a fictional colony of humanoid creatures who lived in mushroom-shaped houses in the forest.  And the SMURFS is familiar to kids and is mostly used in the online gaming community.

The idea behind Smurfing is to play against lower-skilled players that can be a good source of training or a way to boost a wounded ego. The guess who game encourages kids. Here is the SMURFS character you get with this template.

• Azrael

• Baby Smurf

• Brainy Smurf

• Chef Smurf

• Clumsy Smurf

• Farmer Smurf

• Gargamel

• Greedy Smurf

• Grouchy Smurf

• Handy Smurf

• Harmony Smurf

• Hefty Smurf

• Painter Smurf

• Papa Smurf

• Poet Smurf

• Smurfblossom

• Smurfette

• Smurfstorm

• SmurfWillow

• Vanity Smurf

• Vexy

 • Jokey Smurf

• Lazy Smurf

Wild Smurf



30. NCT 2020 Guess Who Template:

This template is based onNCT(Neo culture technology). It is part of the Kpop industry. There are multiple characters that are well known by the online community. The idea behind the template is to enhance kids' skill with entertainment. 

The NCT templates include the following characters:


1. Chittaphon Leechaiyapornku

2. Dong Si Cheng

3. Huang Ren Jun

4. Huang Xuxi

5. John Suh

6. Jung Jae Hyun

7. Jung Sung Chan

8. Kim Dong Young

9. Kim Jung Woo

10. Lee Dong Hyuck

11. Lee Jo No

12. Lee Tae Yong

13. Liu YangYang

14. Mark Lee

15. Moon Tae

16. Na Jae Min

17. Nakamoto Yuta

18. Osaki Shotaro

19. Park Ji Sung

20. Qian Kun

21. Wong Kunhung

22. Xiao Dejun

23. Zhong Chen Le



31. RuPaul's Drag Race Guess Who Template:

This game card is created on the basis of RuPaul's Drag Race. It is an American reality competition television series. RuPaul's an American entertainer.  This is a great modern reality tv competition show that inspires every day and teaches courage and growth.

The idea behind the template is to spread values in people with game fun. The templates come with the following characters.

1. Aquaria

2. Violet chachki

3. Naomi Smalls

4. Trixie Mattel

5. Katya

6. Yvie Oddly

7. Shea Coulee

8. Kim Chi

9. Alaska

10. Vanessa Vanjie

11. Sharon Needles

12. Plastique tiara

13. Bebe Zahara

14. Gigi goode

15. Jaida Essence Hall

16. Valentina

17. Ra'jah

18. Latrice Royale

19. Shangela

20. Bianca Del Rio

21. Bob the Drag Queen

22. Sasha Velour

23. Trinity the Tuck

24. Nina West



32. Murder Guess Who Templates:

This template is based on the tv series “murder”. In this series. This template is designed for those who love horror and thriller.

The idea behind the template is to make your spare time useful for your interest and hobbies.

These types of games help in mental exercises while enjoying the fun.

1. Wes Gibbins

2. Annalise Keating

3. Frank Delfino

4. Gabriel Maddox

5. Laurel Castillo

6. Connor Walsh

7. Asher Millstone

8. Bonnie Winterbottom

9. Olivia Pope

10. Michaela Pratt

11. Rebecca Sutter

12. Oliver Hampton

13. Nate Lahey

14. Tegan Price

15. Emmett Crawford

16. Sam Keating

17. Nate Lahey Sr.

18. Caleb Hapstall

19. Opehlia Harkness

20. Catherine Hapstall

21. Ronald Miller

22. Jorge Castillo

23. Eve Rothlo

24. Todd Denve



33. GILMORE GIRLS Guess Who Template Editable:

Gilmore Girls template is based on an American comedy-drama television series that is famous in many countries. The  Gilmore Girls is about a young single mother with her wilful daughter, Rory in the show. It's designed for those who are familiar with the show, especially for females.

This template helps to enhance the morale of girls while playing with fun. Below are the characters of the templates.

1. Rory Gilmore

2. Lorelai Gilmore

3. Luke Danes

4. Jess Mariano

5. Emily Gilmore

6. Sookie St. James

7. Logan Huntzberger

8. Paris Geller

9. Lane Kim

10. Richard Gilmore

11. Kirk Gleason

12. Christopher Hayden

13. Miss Patty

14. Mrs. Kim

15. Taylor Doose

16. Michel Gerard

17. April Nardini

18. Jackson Belleville

19. Dean Forester

20. Babette Dell

21. Max Medina

22. Liz Danes

23. Doyle McMaster

24. Tristan Dugray



34. BATMAN Guess Who Template:

 This template is based on Batman, who is a superhero appearing in American comic books. Batman guess who template designed for kids to learn good values of batman while playing. It is admirable and inspirational.

The character of  Batman is familiar across the world. It inspired kids to fight crime. Here are the characters of batman.

1. Scarecrow

2. Clay Face

3. Mr. Freeze

4. Poison Ivy

5. Catwoman

6. Talia al Ghul

7. Ras al Ghul

8. Hugo Strange

9. Victor Zsasz

10. Joker

11. Harley Quinn

12. Condiment Man

13. Penguin

14. Two-Face

15. Black mask

16. Killer croc

17. firefly

18. Mutant Leader

19. James Gordon

20. Batgirl

21. Batwoman

22. Robin

23. Nightwing

24. Batman



35. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Guess Who Template:

This template is designed based on another American comedy television series called “It's always sunny in Philadelphia”. It is one of the best tools to pass the time while playing with fun.

The idea behind the template is to make fun while playing. This template covers all group's ages. 

Here is the character list:

1. Artemis

2. Barbara

3. Ben Smith

4. Bill Ponderosa

5. Bonnie Kelly

6. Charlie

7. Cricket

8. Da Maniac

9. Dee

10. Dennis

11. Ernie

12. Frank

13. Gail the Snail

14. Jack Kelly

15. Liam Mcpoyle

16. Luther McDonald

17. Mac

18. Mac's Mom

19. Margaret Mcpoyle

20. Maureen Ponderosa

21. Roxy

22. Ryan Mcpoyle

23. The Lawyer

24. The Waitress



36. Real Housewives Guess Who:

The template is designed on the basis of “The Real Housewives” which is an international reality television show. And the series focuses on the lives and social dynamics. It was famous among females. 

It is a good tool to spend time while sitting at home with fun and entertainment. It is mainly played by the women with their favorite characters. Here are the characters of the series, you may love many of them. 

1. Vicki Gunvalson

2. Tamra Judge

3. Kelly Dodd

4. Heather Dubrow

5. Bethenny Frankel

6. Ramona Singer

7. Dorinda Medley

8. Carole Radziwill

9. Lisa Vanderpump

10. Lisa Rinna

11. Brandi Glanville

12. Teresa Giudice

13. Danielle Staub

14. Caroline Manzo

15. LeeAnne Locken

16. Brandi Redmond

17. Stephanie Hollman

18. D’Andra Simmons

19. Porsha Williams

20. NeNe Leakes

21. Cynthia Bailey

22. Kim Zolciak-Biermann

23. Lea Black

24. Adriana de Moura


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