How to start bakery a business in 2024?

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How to start bakery a business in 2024?

The demand and need for baked items have seen a steady and constant increase in the last couple of years.

Baked items deliver to customers with convenience and affordability, and the growing market has led to a lot of home-bakers and chefs launching into the bakery business.

As per a report, the bakery market is assessed to grow at a CAGR of 8.5% between 2021 and 2026 and is set to attain a worth of USD 12.39 billion by 2026, thus making bakeries a favorably lucrative restaurant setup.

In this article, we will discuss deeply in detail how to start a bakery business plan.

1. Make an aesthetic Bakery business plan

Before going in depth about how to start a bakery business you should make an aesthetic bakery business plan as it would help you in simplifying the functions, fixing the budget distribution, and preparing the future growth of your bakery business.

Your bakery business plan ideally should consist of:

  • Synopsis of your Bakery Business Plan – The Synopsis of your bakery business plan acts as an overview of your bakery. This should consist of your task statement, a study of your restaurant’s legal format and ownership, a brief record of the cafe if it’s an existing cafe, and plans for your cafe business.
  • Business Synopsis – The Business Overview of a bakery business plan must have the vision of your bakery business, and the sort of service you are going to offer. It should have the design of your bakery and the service type, a sample menu, and the facts of the management unit.
  • Industry Research – Doing the Industry Analysis is quite important before you start a bakery business. It would help you determine the competition in your area, study the target buyers for your bakery, and help you pick the right site for your bakery business.
  • SWOT Research – The SWOT Research of your bakery business would help you determine the Strengths, Flaws, Opportunities, and Hazards associated with your bakery business.
  • Functions Plan – The Functions Plan of your bakery business should have details about how your bakery would work, such as order-taking, menu, service, staff control, raw material procurement, etc.
  • Financial Study – The Financial Study of your bakery business plan should have the cash flow statement, the working costs, the fixed and recurring costs, etc. This would help you earn the economic viability of your bakery business.
  • Trade or Marketing Plan – You should have a trade or marketing plan in your bakery business plan as well. The marketing or trade plan should talk about how you’ll draw buyers and boost your bakery.

2. Choose a place to set up your bakery business

One of the initial efforts to start a bakery business is to choose a good location for the business. 

For a bakery, the perfect and ideal place is a reputed and decent market or high-end shopping lane where the mark is high.

Ideally, front room shops on the ground floor, which are easily available and visible, are apt for the bakery business.

It is advisable to have a 500 sq ft store, split into two floors, to make a usable kitchen on one level, and have a display cum serving space at another. However, this is subjective to the area available and your own preference.

While finalizing the site of the bakery, it is vital to confirm that the place has a proper water reserve and drainage facility.

Get a relevant legal deal for the property as it is also needed in paperwork and other licenses.

You should even get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the land owner that he has no issue that his place would be utilized for food outlet purposes.

3. Acquire All The Licenses Needed To Start A Bakery Business

Get all the licenses that are required to start your bakery business from the certified  agencies of your country.

Licenses are a must to start any business. And for starting a bakery business you must have a food handler’s license.

Not only bakery business, any business that deals with food will need a food handler’s license or a food and safety certificate.

You will need to demonstrate that you have the appropriate knowledge regarding food handling and storage.

The owner of the business will have this license as will any workers who help in the cooking of your baked items.

4. Hire the needed manpower for starting the bakery

Bakery shops need an expert and skilled crew because both the taste as well as the display is vital in the case of baked items.

For a classic bakery, you need a Head Chef, Chef De Parties, Commi level Cook, and Helper, plus Service Boys and a Cashier at the display and the serving area.

The inexact total count of manpower needed in the bakery is 15. The pay of the chefs, Commi, and helpers depend on their work experience and skills.

5. Arrange all the types of equipments that you needed in the Bakery

The kitchen equipment is pricey for a bakery business since each part of the equipment is made up of stainless steel, which is sturdy and long-lasting.

The major types of equipment needed in the bakery are Planetary Mixers, Deep Fridge, Oven, Working table, Cooling Fridge, Gas stove, storage utensils, Cylinders, and other equipment.

Unlike Food trucks, the bakery needs new equipment for better effectiveness and efficiency. But to lessen the cost of the equipment, you can purchase a second-hand working table for your bakery.

6. Design and Organize the front end of the Bakery

The show area or the front end of the bakery business should be well organized, designed, and constructed in a manner that every item is evident to attract walk-in buyers.

You especially need a Display fridge for cakes and pastries. Other than the refrigerator, the show area should have appropriate storage and a display rack for the items in the bakery.

7. Use business planners to manage your bakery business effectively and efficiently

Bakery business is not an easy business to handle. There are various chores and activities that are needed to be done on a regular basis in the bakery business. And managing those regular chores and activities of your business is a challenging task.

But today there are many digital planners which will help you in managing your daily chores and activities of your business.

These digital planners will help you in keeping track of your daily activities of your bakery business.

Digital planners such as cookies business planner templates are helpful in managing the records of your business.

And the best part is that these planners are easy to use and access. So to lessen the load of your work you should use digital planners. Or should I say, Go Digital!!!

8. Appropriate Marketing and Branding is the need of the Bakery Business

Marketing and branding are vital for any business to thrive, and a bakery is no alien to this. Get a suitably designed logo and display board from a professional and skilled designer.

This will not only help you to form your own unique and special identity but will also assist in your branding while packaging. Also, do remember to get a well-designed menu card for your cafe or restaurant.

For the first few months, around 30,000 leaflets are good enough to market your bakery. These 30,000 leaflets will cost you somewhere around $375, with the good paper quality.

Apart from leaflets, put some money on a great display board also to attract buyers. Well-designed display board costs around $315.

Apart from these things, you must have a separate budget for restaurant or cafe  administration software, since it could also assist you in driving several marketing drives by using your customer data.

9. Set a dress code or uniform for your staff

Staff uniforms are often ignored while running a food business. However, they are vital as they help show a professional look and also in the branding of the bakery.

Set a dress code for all your employees. All the staff fellows must look good, clean and hygienic, and well dressed to make a good impression on the customers.

You can pick from different types of attires such as chef coats, smart shirts and t-shirts, and an apron for your staff.

10. Merging or be a partner with online food aggregators

Today the world is called the digital world. Everything you want to buy or eat is just a click away from you. You can even buy your food with just a click.

There is no need for you to go to a restaurant to eat delicious food and give yourself a break from the regular food. You can do the same thing by just sitting at home too.

You can order your food online and can give yourself a break from regular home cooked food. This is the reason that the online food business has flourished a lot these days.

The demand for online food delivery is rapidly increasing more and more these days. For a bakery that just started its business in the market, it is highly urged that you enlist your business on online food aggregators to forge online orders.

It is vital to have an online-ordering-enabled website for your bakery business as well. This will help you in increasing your online presence and also forge online orders for your bakery items.

Wrapping Up!!!

By following these 10 simple steps you can easily start your bakery business and can get success in it as well.

Just follow these simple steps and focus on your goal, and you will definitely get success in your bakery business.

For running your bakery business successfully, you should ensure that you are serving the best quality food to your customers.

Quality is the main element for any food business to run successfully.

Hire professional and skilled staff for your bakery business as they will be the people who will be actually responsible for the success of your business. So hire quality staff for your business.

And focus on the main aim of your business and you will definitely get success in your bakery business when you see your business flourishing.

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